Footwear “Grubin” is made in collaboration with orthopedics, combining comfort, quality, safety and imaginative design with a wide range of colors and high quality materials.

Free movement of the foot

Footwear “Grubin” is a simple, comfortable footwear, made from natural materials, which is also anatomically shaped. As a result, our footwear protects and at the same time provides comfort and ease of movement at every step.

The right choice of anatomical shoe size

Grubin shoes must be 6-10 mm larger. The heel must be comfortably positioned at the bottom of the heel and there must be sufficient space on the foot for comfortable movement.

Choosing the right size is important, please pay close attention to it. Thanks to the anatomical design and increased foot and toe support, the following table is required to follow.

Anatomical footwear is comfortable

Anatomically shaped foot bed with special stiffener where necessary protects the foot and provides comfort in every step.

Kids footwear

Shoe length in cm16,817,318,418,819,620,22121,8
Foot length in cm16,216,717,818,21919,620,421,2

Men´s footwear

Shoe length in cm25,125,526,226,927,528,52929,831,232,1
Foot length in cm24,524,925,626,326,927,928,429,230,631,5

Women´s footwear

Shoe length in cm23,223,724,324,725,726,527,3
Foot length in cm22,623,123,724,125,125,926,7